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While visiting Point Pleasant, there are countless sites to visit and activities to do. Offering a diverse story that is still being told, Point Pleasant has an option for every type of visitor. Be sure to visit the murals at Riverfront Park and the world’s only Mothman Museum. Don’t forget to enjoy the city’s outdoor recreation as well, including bike trails and fishing at Krodel Park.


Originally built in 1776 on the site of Fort Blair, Fort Randolph is now located in Krodel Park, a mile from its original site. It offers historical reenactments, events and tours on the weekends during the months of May through December.

This museum focuses on the history of river life and commercial enterprise of the Ohio and Kanawha rivers. They experienced a fire in 2018 that forced them to close and are currently rebuilding. Visit their website or Facebook page for updates.

Overlooking the scenic Ohio River, Riverfront Park offers a gorgeous view as well as an amphitheater. The park is home to one of Point Pleasant’s best-kept secrets—historical murals and statues depicting the Battle of Point Pleasant in exquisite detail along the city’s outer floodwall.

This space serves as a memorial to the 46 lives lost when the Silver Bridge collapsed on Dec. 15, 1967, featuring a mural on the floodwall marking where the bridge once entered Point Pleasant, and a plaque with the names of all who perished that day.

Located where the Ohio and Kanawha rivers meet, Tu-Endie-Wei State Park has an 84-foot monument commemorating those who died during the Battle of Point Pleasant, along with a Mansion House that is open May through October offering more historical information for visitors.

See the entire state’s farm-life heritage preserved on the peaceful grounds of the WV State Farm Museum. The museum allows visitors a glimpse into the important history of farming, a functional blacksmith shop and more. A self-claimed “work in progress,” the attractions change each year. And of course, there are a few adorable farm animals around, too!

Established in August 2004, Medal of Honor Park is a monument dedicated to Mason County soldiers that have been awarded the prestigious Medal of Honor.

Named after Captain William Gunn, this small park is home to the Mothman Statue and the “Border Grays” historical marker.


Located five miles north of Point Pleasant, the McClintic Wildlife Management Area, or “TNT Area,” offers various outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting and hiking. This is also the site where the Mothman was first reportedly spotted. You can even explore the bunkers where explosives were stored during World War II.

Visit the world’s only Mothman Museum to discover the truth behind this cryptid legend. The museum offers rare archives, props from the popular film “The Mothman Prophecies,” memorabilia and souvenirs! Is this history or mystery? You decide.

No visit to Point Pleasant is complete without visiting the legendary Mothman Statue. Standing 12 feet tall with red eyes and a metallic body, this statue is a depiction of the cryptid. Make sure to get a selfie, too!

Local Favorites

After a day of exploring, you are sure to have worked up an appetite. Visit one of the many eateries in Point Pleasant for a bite to eat and a place to recharge.

Local Favorites

After a day of exploring, you are sure to have worked up an appetite. Visit one of the many eateries in Point Pleasant for a bite to eat and a place to recharge.